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WomenLead’s Board of Directors meet once a month to discuss business development ideas, challenges, and opportunities. The members gather feedback, resources, and knowledge from other board members who are outside their area of expertise. The group excels because of its ability to create long-lasting relationships with women in various industries.

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Looking to build or strengthen your business connections? Women Lead offers many networking benefits, including immediate access to an established business referral network, discounted admissions on events, and connections with high-level decision makers.


Partner with WomenLead board members and its member community and get the word out about your business, promote your products and services, and build relationships with other women leaders.




{ Executive Board Members }

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Women Lead Executive Board


Brenda Larkin, Director {Sage Mark Consulting}

Kim Meyer {Anderson-Meyer Insurance}

Carolyne I. Gatesy {Main Street Office Center}

Kathleen M. Nevins {Nevins Law Group}

Eileen Hasson {The Computer Company}

Tracy McKaveney {Mahoney Sabol & Company, LLP}

Marilyn Donzila {Marilyn Interiors}

Annette R. Larabee {Webster Bank}

Nancy Stetson {Berkhire Hathaway HomeServices}

Krista MacGregor {Ki-Elements, LLC}





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